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A Perfect HA filler for Enhancing beauty of your Facial expressions

Teosyal RHA is a hyaluronic based wrinkle filler that is designed to support skin in every move. It also preserves the skin softness and increases vitality.

Teosyal RHA is can be used on any mobile area of your face including cheeks, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, forehead and perioral area. Teosyal Kiss Puresense is also useful for this purposes:


Teosyal RHA products are manufactured in TEOXANE Laboratories according to a patented process to ensure that all products meet our high requirements for mobile facial areas.

Due to this technology, the characteristics of HA molecules are preserved to obtain gels with high purity.

TEOXANE has a complete range of dermal fillers including 16 references, some products contain lidocaine and some are without it.

We have divided Teosyal portfolio into categories for you to help you understand purpose of each specific product.

Teosyal First lines:

Teosyal First lines is used for correcting superficial lines, it is used as a final touch. It can correct medium line and can do in-depth filling.

Teosyal PureSense

Teosyal Puresense is a dermis redensificator and is used as a skin enhancer. It’s basic goal is to do skin hydration and revitalization. It’s a Mesotherapy product.

Teosyal Ultra Deep

It creates volume to the targeted areas and can do volume recovery for wider areas

It is used for correcting smooth and visible wrinkles that are more noticeable than fine lines. It also volumize lips to make them look more attractive. Nasolabial folds can also be healed by it, it also improves the structure of your facial contours and gives a more natural look.

Teosyal® RHA 2 can smooth out more visible wrinkles that are more noticeable than just fine lines. RHA 2 can also be used to volumise lips making them look more attractive make you feel great about yourself again when you look at your reflection. It also magically erases nasolabial folds as well as improving the structure of your natural facial contours.



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