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CoolSculpting : Patient reviews and treatment results

CoolSculpting is becoming more and more popular in aesthetic world and people have been attracted towards this procedure, especially in Europe. In-fact it is also the only fat reduction procedure that is approved by KFDA in America. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, many people are directed towards it because they feel it more comfortable than normal fat reduction procedures such as liposuction and other surgeries in which risk rate is very higher than CoolSculpting. We have invited Dr. Christopher from Joveoderm clinic in Munich to share his clinic’s patients’ personal experiences with us regarding the procedure.

CoolSculpting is also a great solution for patients who have allergenic problems from anesthesia since the treatment requires to anesthesia involvement during the procedure. The theory behind CoolSculpting is very simple, it completely depends on a science known as Cryolipolysis. The idea behind Cryolipolysis is that by freezing fats we can eliminate them from the body since fat cells die earlier then normal cells in high freezing atmosphere.

During the procedure, the physician applies an applicator on the patients’ skin. The applicator then kills fat cells by imposing very low temperature in – degree which results in loss of fat cells where the normal cells remain alive since they have better resistant level against low temperature than fat cells. This treatment is not ideal for a significant amount of fat loss but for treating some stubborn areas of fat that cannot be controlled by dieting or workout.

Patients’ Reviews

Several patients have marked CoolSculpting as a very potential treatment to eliminate stubborn fat areas. Some patients also complained about swelling and redness but they were just temporary problems and not severe. Some patients also reported that they felt “prickly” in spots like someone is lightly poking them with tiny needles – but they reported that there was not pain during that feeling.

Few patients find it very boring to lay down on the bed for 2 to 3 hours for a single area – you can take a book or anything else that can entertain you during the treatment. There were also reports from patients who did not find any huge difference after the treatment whereas others lost about one cup after the treatment.

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