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All about Body Contouring Injections and their cost

Today we are probably going to talk about the most controversial dermal filler in the history for aesthetic world. Body contouring injections have earned too much attention on the press since their first launch in 2008. The basic reason behind their popularity in the public was the idea of increasing cup size without a need of surgery. That attracts many women’s attention whom were searching for such a solution from a long time.

This produced was launched by Q-Med who is also manufacturers of many other popular dermal fillers like Restylane. Macrolane is a filler that contains the idea to contour, enhance and augment different areas of body such as breast, buttocks and thighs. It’s not suitable for facial areas. The majority of patients for Macrolane were who had requirement of breast enlargement. There was also a very popular procedure of Macrolane known as, “30- Minute Boob job”

Macrolane can increase about 1-2 cup sizes in just an hour but the company has stopped selling the product for breast enhancing since there has been no evident test and trials done to record the results of the treatment. Despite the fact that it is not a surgical treatment but still some people say that it is a minor surgical procedure but still it has very lesser downtime than breast augmentation surgeries.

Patients still need 2-4 days to take rest after the treatment. The cost of the treatment can be from £2,500 to £3,500. Results can last for 18 months for some cases. Patients are required to have repeat procedures to maintain the results. During the procedure the physician will use a local anesthetic known as lidocaine on the treatment areas to lesser the pain and increase comfort level during the treatment. A small 2-3 mm incision is required in the area of treatment to inject the filler, a thin cannula or needle is used to inject Macrolane gel deep into the subcutaneous skin layer.

People who wish to augment some specific areas of their body without surgery must think of Macrolane at-least for once since it is one of the best substitute of the body contouring surgeries. Macrolane is used for calves and buttocks these days also for evening the discrepancies on the skin surface.

Before you decide to have a treatment with Macrolane, you must have a deep and detailed consultation with the practitioner to know about the possible side-effects and other information that you need to know pre and post treatment.


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